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Building synergy, fostering growth.

KiK accompanies leaders and teams transition and succeed together in achieving sustainable growth within their organizations. We question if you have the right business model; if each key function within your organization creates value within a financially viable structure – customers/audiences, products and services, your organisational infrastructure.  We then go further.  We question if the functions, actually compliment one another, compounding added value and thus creating an interdependant synergy.



Working with Lynn is wonderful: you can mandate her with a goal and you are guaranteed a successful outcome.

Pascale Leclercq, Director, Collective Dynamics Covéa Insurance

“I had the privilege to work with Lynn for over 10 years. Working in the consulting sector and creating content
and conferences to help businesses address the challenges of the future, Lynn has consistently demonstrated
strong leadership and brought to the fore key success factors, such as innovation and a humane approach to
management. Her results-driven mindset, passion, intellectual integrity and rigor are assets that have enabled
her to successfully overcome many challenges.”

Gaston Roy Vice-president of Business Services RBC Royal Bank

… sometimes when the pace of activity becomes so fast, it’s easy to lose sight of an organization’s end-goals.
Lynn helped me refine my leadership skills and focus on the essentials of building an innovative business
model… thereafter, … she helped our team to became stronger and more effective through workshops and

Stephen McHolm Former President & Artistic Director, Honens International Piano Competition 2015

Your workshop was VERY much appreciated by all participants! You will always be the highlight of our training

Sébastien Tanguay, Director Le CAMP