KiK accompanies leaders, small and large groups alike through a proven methodology to accelerate change.

We coach executives both individually and with their team providing strategic perspective, asking hard-nosed questions, reformulating the challenges, to help leaders influence more effectively, while finding pragmatic solutions to propel forward.

KiK knows how to reach out and be relevant to all members of an organization from the board of directors, to the boardroom and executive team, to middle management and the frontline. Clients and external partners too are often part of the equation.

We are constantly integrating emerging managerial trends, and in turn, propelling you to further question how best prepare for tomorrow; as well as accompany managers to dawn new managerial roles in accordance.

KiK has a pedagogical thread throughout all services. We insure the “why” is answered before exploring the “how”. We believe process needs to be coherent with the message. We identify the right mecanisme to share the message with impact and adapt it to the targeted audience. We build dialogue, create a context that allows participants to contribute and truly engage.

We believe that learning is best through a creative environment supported with effective methodogies and tools.

KiK listens and observes, helps real dialogue to happen through authenticity and respect. KiK helps you build a context to learn together and build success. Services are provided in both English and French, throughout North America and Europe, on-site or remote.

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