About Kik

About Kik

Building synergy. Fostering Growth

KIK, new in name, rich in experience. Lynn Briand, a seasoned practicienner and consultant with more than 35 years of experience, is now under her own banner – KIK Strategic Management.

Lynn signs a solid international track record both as CEO and Consultant.

After managing and producing award winning performance artists, after completing an MBA specializing in finance and organizational development, after consulting clients throughout North America for 10 years, and then cofounding and leading what was to become an international consulting firm located in Canada and France servicing 50% of the companies listed on the Paris stock exchange CAC-40, Lynn KIK’s into gear her new project.

Lynn knows not only how to weather the ambiguity of change, the stresses of the bottom line but also how to accompany you build sustainable growth in both prosperous and difficult business contexts.

KiK perceives an organization as a whole. KiK helps you build synergy both within and between the various functions.

How? KiK helps design business models that fit and energize your organization for tomorrow. KiK accompanies leaders and teams transition and succeed together in achieving sustainable growth within their organizations’. KiK questions if you have the right business model; if each of your key functions within your organization create value – customers/audiences, product and services, infrastructure and financial viability; if, as an ensemble the key functions compliment one another and together create synergy.

KiK helps strengthen the strategic positioning, aligns your ambitions in strategic plans, provides tools and coaching to further managerial courage, coaches managers to build teams for the future – multi- cultured, multi-disciplinary, managed at a distance; and guides with a deep understanding, how to navigate and accelerate the change and seize opportunity.

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KiK lead by Lynn

Trained as a concert pianist, I thereafter collaborated for 15 years in the arts and culture sector as an artist manager, touring and producing works from dance, theatre and music, on the international stage, as well as filming and recording some of the most influential award-winning Canadian artists, including LA LA LA Human Steps, Rita MacNeil, Laurence Jalbert, Kâ (rock opera).

Following completion of my MBA, in a collaborative venture between public and private industries, I designed international conferences highlightening leading authors on the managerial trends of the 1990’s. From there, I co-founded and managed the growth of an international consulting firm, Groupe Forest, establishing offices in Canada and France. For more than 20 years, as Vice president I developed high-performance, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams and built partnerships to service both SMB and multinational companies. Within five years on the European market, our firm occupied a niche position working with more than 50% of the companies listed on the CAC-40 Paris Stock Exchange.

Up to date with the latest managerial trends, I aim to accompany with finesse, leaders and teams to embrace current issues and build sustainable growth in their organization.

As practicienner & coach, I have always work on the international scene and am known as someone who brings the right blend of visionary thinking, number crunching, creativity and people skills.