Teaching & Training

Teaching & Training

Servicing the Performing Arts Sector

Preparing graduating students from higher education and cultural institutions to transition from perfecting their craft to becoming a valued member of the arts and culture sector.  Talents and skillsets are sharpened to face the ever-changing environment as artist-entrepreneur, arts administrator in this exciting evocative Sector.

It’s your call : Intensive workshops or indepth courses tailored to meet your graduating students’ transitional needs.

  • The Business of building 21st Century Artists
    • Going beyond the craft and becoming an artist – entrepreneur.
    • Going beyond the craft and transitioning to a rewarding career in Arts management.
    • Going beyond the craft and honing personal and managerial skill-sets.

“Lynn was able to present us with new ideas and leadership skills at a personal level, and explained our weaknesses – and how to approach personal growth in these areas–without being hurtful.”

Dalhousie University, February 2017


Servicing clients within high-technology incubators and accelerators hubs

Building entrepreneurs goes beyond a brilliant idea, product and technical skills. Forging personal and managerial skills and insuring the right business model are key to success.

  • How your emotional intelligence and leadership are key in shifting your start-up into high gear?
  • Is your business model the right one for you?

“Lynn’s workshop was VERY much appreciated by all participants! You will always be the highlight of our training program!”

Sébastien Tanguay,

Director Le CAMP, High-tech business incubator, Quebec International, Cohorte #9, May 2016


Servicing corporate, departmental and frontline teams

KiK understands that the best laid out plans are only as successful as the teams that carry them out.  That’s why we don’t just help you build the strategy; we ensure that your teams are well equipped to deliver the results you envision. We custom design training sessions to empower your teams.


Conference & motivational speaking events

Popular topics

  • Four Mega-trends igniting the currents of change in the Performing Arts.
  • The artist entrepreneur – hustle and innovate.
  • Will you be amongst the dominant players in 10 years from now? If so, is your business model right for the 21st century challenges?
  • How your leadership style and emotional intelligence builds high-performance teams.
  • How to build a client-culture mindset within your organization.
  • How to strengthen your innovation potential.
  • How to bridge the paradoxes and manage with success an inter-generational team.

“Four Mega-trends: “Rich in content, jammed packed with ideas and new perspective. An overwhelming reality check … a needed wake-up call.”

McGill University, February 2017